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Okay I am feeling better...*sigh*

I sent my payment in for my watch, and added a necklace to my order (same price as the wristband, and now I get a bulk shipping discount).

I love PayPal, it's sooo much cheeper then getting a money order (55cents vs. $3.00)

I prefer my RealPlayer most of the time, to my Window Media Player, just because it has been playing various things other stuff fails to reconize as what it is. It seems to run slower though then the rest ('cept Ares).

I have to go to get the first round of lung tests, tommorrow....<-___->

Now enjoy a crappy picture of my two recent muses.

I bid on a two necklace set. They are the same price as the other necklace, only there is 2 of them.
I was going to but the pins ( for them, but this is waaay better and cheaper.

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