Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

'before-and-after' repainted bedrail~

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This is a fuzzy RAZR picture of the bedrail/footboard I sanded Sunday, and painted yesterday. I also installed it back where it was last night at dusk [I wanted to get it in before it rained and filled the holes it came from with rain...which sounds somewhat 'dirty' D:]. The holes and grove [it was the whole footboard, including one of the wheels still] were over a foot deep, and I had to cart over even more dirt to fill them back up enough. I basically painted the gold bits in the dark, because I didn't want to leave them until after it rained, and I would have to clean it off again. I think I'll wait awhile before re-doing the 2nd one though! :P


Here you can see the one I still need to dig-up and re-paint:


I used HomeHardware brand 'RustCoat' in glossy dark brown spraypaint, and DecoArt 'Crafter's Acrylic' in 'Spun Gold' for the detailing [again].
Tags: art, garden, picture

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