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Wolf and Cultivating Growth

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Well today I got up and watched more "Spice and Wolf II". I really am loving it! Lawence I can't help but love, and Holo[/Horo] is a nice & refreshing strong female lead, but not the strong-but-bitchy type :3 I only have 6 episodes left though :(

We found-out Diane is coming down from Halifax on August 8th. This means I -must- clean my room ASAP. I was going to start today, but I was so nice outside I decided to work in my garden. I had a lot of weeding to do because I stopped taking care of it when I got sick last Autumn. I got all but where my strawberries are done.



That picture is of my minnow daffodils, which are in a Triforce arrangement :3 I carted-over a load of fresh soil in our silly heavy & old wheelbarrow. I also dug-up & washed 1 of my bedrails, as they need to be painted in RustCoat. I plan to do so the next fine weather day. I'm doing 1 at a time to make less continuous work. I hurt my back today with bending and lifting. Tomorrow phone calls & probably start cleaning.
Tags: anime, garden

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