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BPAL, jacket, and no tent

Well I have decide that after the exibitions have died down, I shall make a new bank account to devote to PayPal. Why? So I can try BPAL Imps. I have looked at reviews of them since around 1pm today. I am not a perfume person, and am mostly alergic to them. I hope I am not to these...I just hope I can order before my top pick Midway is gone.
So far my somewhat final list of the 6 imps is;
Tiger Lily,
The Star,
The Apothecary,
and ether Pele, or Jailbait

I hope someone who knows what these are like replys to this post, though I highly doubt anyone will...

I am also saving up for a Edward Elric type jacket. The black and white one. I found someone who will do it all for around $40-50 dollars. And since I want something that matches the pants, the fabric should be more easier to find (I just have to look at the label and search the local fabric store to find a make, atleast I hope it will be somewhat easy...). I will probbally get it made by Yukiko (shiroi_yukiko). I can't wait, to dress up and be all "Mwoog. I am t3h Edo!" Yeah it sucks I won't finish my costume until after Trevor has moved...<-_-> Atleast I now own a digital camera.

I had hoped to sleep in a tent tonight. my mom does not have the complet tent. She sends my home with just the covering, and the posts. *GAH!!!!!* I am sick of the heat!

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