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Well I had a horrible morning. I wanted to bathe once I got up (and try breast binding again XP). Well Wendy decided to wash her hair, then do loads of laundry.

I headed to the hospital for my appointment. My mom fought with me on the way up, and by the time I got to see the doctor, I was upset and almost cried (due to upsetness and lack of sleep).

It is soooo hot here in Nova Scotia!!! *Sweats* No really it is über hot!

My mom took off on me at the hospital and that really got me upset. I did cry then....(I suck) I said wait a minute while I get my puffers back, I come back and she isn't there. The secretaries and me looked all over the section. I even paged her. Did she come? No. She had gone to the car, and was going to leave me there. All because I went into the doctor's office alone. Fuck.

I managed to convince her to take me to the mall.

I picked up xxxHOLIC vol.5 FINALLY!!! W00t! I finished it soon after.

She bought me a nice coat (at Frenchy's). I picked it out. it looks like Edward's only it doesn't have the flamel, slit in the back, and it has button/clip thingies. It is a wool coat though. I am going to use it for fall, and for dress. I love the hood!

I got her to buy me chinese food for lunch/supper/breakfast. I went in to buy it and the girl was excited fangirlish over my Zelda t-shirt! I was sooo flattered!

I got home, and came over and used the compy.

Grave, me, and Rae roleplayed some. Oh yeess the only time I can pretend to molest a fictional naked Edward. Oh hell yeah. >XDD (sorry...)

Chisa had comment on my present for her! My day turned out good at the end.

Now to go sweat and have insomnia some more. Aswell as go home.

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