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I haven't read your e-mail yet, as I have to keep myself calm so I can pass my re-write tomorrow [and I am scared (I will get to it eventually)]. But I want to apologise. Also the Tracking Number is: "CX 278 716 451 CA" [it was sent on the 20th]


And I guess I should make a post about what I have been doing lately, since I haven't posted a real entry in over 6 weeks.

I guess I haven't been posting since I have no been contributing anything to anyone, and very few care if I post or not. I've been on Twitter a lot. I started using Twitter for myself, and because it is something I can/could use from my 'phone. It is a lot easier to use when I don't feel like talking. 140 characters is a lot easier to type out than a whole journal entry. I also like it because it is like a instant-messaging program, that is also public like a chat**, so while you may be talking to 1 other person, someone may see it/the tweet in 'the feed' and join-in. It is also good because I can walk away and come back to it later and not feel bad like if I was IMing with someone. This is really good since I really haven't been at my table much [I have my computer on a table and not a desk] It is also easy to access on-the-go, since I can use text-messages, and even upload photos & videos [like I did for The Olympic Torch event]. 

So I haven't been checking/active on LiveJournal much at all in the past few months, but I want people to know it is not about not wanting to talk to any of you! I just don't know how to go about it. I am going to start being more active around here again though, just as soon as things get a little less busy.

I just seem to not enjoy talking with text lately. I think it's because it is less 'real' than talking with voice or in person. I am Sarah, and I guess with text it's not as easy to convey and all, or for people to see beyond what is written and get that a real person is on the other-end. It is worse because when I went on my hiatus, it just seemed so easy to slip away and only a few people tried to contact me, and no one tried my 'cell-phone at all. And sometimes it is like text as less meaning. I have been dumped three times over IM or a text-message, and it just feels like it is easier for someone to do that, because when you are talking with typing, 'it isn't a real person'. I don't see it as that, and it just makes me less inclined to want to have a typing conversation. Also hitting all the right keys and such, is a lot of work, and my typing has gotten very bad without daily use.


Well I got that LG Reveal I wanted, but once I got home, I discovered that the '1'/'w' key didn't work, so I called their tech-support to see what I should do, and they told me to take it back. Also the browser was really un-user-friendly. When I read reviews of the phone, they all said it had a basic mobile browser. Well I figured that it would at least be on par with the browsers from 2006, but really it turned out to be just plain awful. I also hate how Bell-Aliant handles picture & video messages. TELUS just sent them directly so that they could be uploaded to things like Facebook Moblie, Twitpic, and Twitvid. Bell-Aliant decided to strip then out, and send a link to view them instead, so not only does it mean that I couldn't send pictures/video to those site, it also means, that if I were to send a picture to a friend, they would have to go online to view it. This is not very fair to my pre-paid friends or those without a mobile-browsing plan. Their customer-support is also so awful. So I took the phone back and asked to switch/port my number back to TELUS. Well I was told that I would either have to pay to get the LG Reveal repaired (as it was a software problem & pre-existing), pay for a new phone flat-out (atleast $300), or get out of my contract early and the worker told me I'd have to pay $400 to do so. I made her call their head-office and was told that I was still under Buyers' Remorse, and would not be charged any fees besides my first month's bill + the activation. So this was all good, until I go to TELUS and I need more current ID (my license expired January 3rd). So I went to write my test, and I failed it because I was so stressed-out. You are allowed 4 wrong and still pass, and I got 6 wrong. All stupid mistakes accept one which was "How do you go about passing in a climbing lane?". So I need to calm myself and do well when I re-write tomorrow. I had studied before, and was getting over 80%'s on the online practice quizes, but my brain just farted because I was worked-up! On another-but good-note, the in-training worker they have at the Greenwood Bell-Aliant store is very hansom. I was glad to find him as such, because it has been a long time since I found anyone I find attractive.


I also have been having breathing problems still. I have had a persistant cough since I was so sick in August, but for the past month I have been having trouble getting air in. It doesn't feel like my asthma [it's like air isn't making its way in, and almost a fizzy feeling.], and none of my enhalers seems to work to relieve it. I went to see one specialist already, but I will probably have to get in to see another after chest x-rays, more bloodwork, and breathing tests, etc. It got so bad Saturday, that I had to go to outpatients and be monitored. I froze my ass off in the Johnny-shirt, but it was kind of scarey since no-one knows really what is causing it yet and being there for like 4 hours in a hospital gown on a bed not knowing exactly why. I have an appointment with Dr. Yafai in the morning to schedual things, since there was a planned hospital staff strike in my area, so nothing could be planned-on in way of tests.


I also had a very good Christmas. I didn't over-eat this year~ Last year I ate way too much, and gained a lot of my weight back. My pants are a bit snug now, but I don't feel as bloated as I did in 2008. I ate so much because I missed most of Chistmas the year I was in college, and most of the good food that is avalible over the holidays. I got a graphics tablet, and a bunch of games [2 plus 6 months of RuneScape membership], and A LOT of Vancouver Canucks stuff. Avon had a set of NHL team glasses & bowls, so my mom got me a set of Canucks' ones. I think they are right cool~ I also got Christmas crackers this year. Last year I didn't get any, and finally got a box of party ones at Easter-time. They have become a kind of tradition with June, me, & Wendy. We open a box on Christmas Eve and on New Years' Eve :3 I like the popping sound the best, but I also love getting a real-life party hat [party hats are old, rare, and expensive items in RuneScape]

I have been on my computer much, or very active online, but I have been playing "Hotel Dusk: Room 215" [I am on the chaper of 9:00PM-10:00PM] & the 1st "Phoenix Wright" game. I picked-up my pre-order for "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" but haven't really started playing it yet, because I like to sit-down and take my time with Zelda games. I must say that Kyle Hyde is more of a hardass than I originally was expecting. I was expecting a more film-noir hero with a secret heart-of-gold, and what I got is someone who is lovable after awhile, but who is rather rude! I was at first selecting answers which I thought would be taken lighter than what Kyle decided to spew-out D: He/I made a little girl cry even. So once I worked-out his character, the game has been going so much better. I am still being a tad mean to Iris, but Kyle wouldn't take any of her 'crap', so I have to call her on it. Kyle hates people who lie for no reason, and blackmailers. He is also sadly a borderline alchoholic. I really think "Hotel Dusk: Room 215" would make an EXCELLENT mini-series/television show. There are just some bits that I think would really work well for one. I also laughed so hard at telling Louie to create a distraction. It seemed so cliché. The "Just needed some air." scene was great too:

Kyle: "What, you own this roof? Knock it off. I just came out to get some fresh air."
Iris: "That wouldn't be the only fresh thing about you... It's a bit cold, but it feels nice. Don't you agree?"
Kyle: <"You need air too?">

Which all takes place on a sunset lighted rooftop.


I have also been listening to a lot of Big Finish audioplays still. I am finally through The Divergence Arc, which was difficult, and very much a lot of mindfuck. I am kind of laying-off the ones with The Eighth Doctor though for a bit. I read a spoiler for Charley that involves C'rizz, and I know it will be so, so upsetting, so I am going to take my time getting to it. I am listening to The Seventh Doctor ones with Hex and an older and more mature Ace. My problem with Ace in the television series, was that she was way too hotheaded and violent at times. Now that she is older, Ace has really matured and I like her a lot more now. I would suggest starting with "The Harvest" like I did, because it treats it as a "Rose" like episode for people who may not be familar to the characters, this story introduces you with Hex's 'eyes'. It is a very good way to meet an older Ace too, before starting on the earlier Big Finish audio adventures with her. I was also sent "Doctor Who and the Pirates******" by Rumpio***, and it was great, but part #04 made me cry. Part #03 was awesome though! It turned into a musical. Yep, that ir right: "Doctor Who" + pirates + musical. After listening I kept almost having Merryweather's songs stuck in my head. Also "Gallifrey Buckaneer"***** is just fantastic XD I am mostly into the Whovian fandom recently, mostly because I don't have anyone easily avalible to talk about any of the other things I am interested in. I have met a lot of cool people because of it though.


I took part in a online pub quiz**** today, and my team Four to Doomsday came in 3rd/10 because there was a tie for second place. It was a lot of fun though, and I hope to do it again in the future. Speaking of trivia, I also got a postcard from Tripipedia, one of the "Quite Interesting" elves :D [he does on location research and such] While traveling he holds a kind of contest where he selects every 10 replies and mails them a postcard from where he is currently. Mine came from Hong Kong, China. I'll have to scan it when I get a chance.


But I should be getting to bed now, as it is later than I planned-on, and I need to go to a doctor's appointment and then rewrite my license test. And THEN hopefully I can get back with TELUS and be settled finally.

Ciao, and I hope not to disappear for another 6 weeks loves,

Sarah A.K.A. Lady Norémon

**what I imagive Google Wave must be like, though I have yet to activate my invite for it, as I heard it is really laggy, and I don't have a lot of RAM :(
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