Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Holy shit.

My external 1TB just crapped on me. It was working fine, and I went to save something to it and it wasn't showing-up in "My Computer" so I restarted everything and when it showed-up it was just showing-up as "F:/" instead of "SexBeast McHotBox F:/". I have some short-cuts to files on it so I clicked on them and it couldn't find them at all. I am in a right panic. All my pictures/chatlogs from August 2008 are on it [some of the stuff I burnt to disk when I backed-up in April]. It's my main back-up, like I try to have stuff I can't replace on my comp+2 externals, butwith the way I've been ghosting through crap the last few months, SexBeast McHotBox was the main thing. It's still under warrenty, but it's the files I give a shit about.

I am in such a distraught mood right now.

I can hopefully have it recovered [even just a few of the irreplacable things], but it's going to cost $85/hr...That's a major thing. Then it will cost me about $80 to travel to Halifax which is the nearest data recovery centre. [I'm hoping Douchette can lend me a bit, but I'm still so upset.] It's about 500GB of data in limbo, will they copy it off and put it on something new and I have to pay for that too? It is so frustrating!

I just don't know what to do.
Tags: computer

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