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'Tiny' Update from Sarah:

I don't know what is up but I just feel so blah when I go to reply to comments/entries, and post an entry...So I'm doing this in rambling point-form: 

-I've started playing "Second Life" again. I may-or-may-not get very bored of it again. I don't really care for doing things by myself in it. I only started playing it because I had people to play with. Actually that's also the reason I bought "Guild Wars: Nightfall" too...I hope who I hope to play with this time will chill a bit with me. And I got Douchette trying to play-but he's only interested in the sex aspect-so maybe I can pull him away from his activities to come to a dance-club with me...Sarah Camus may-not be the most attractive avatar [I still use the same body/hair/face I made her with in 2005], but I think she is fantastic. I have a lot of difficulty getting some clothes and defiantly shoes to fit her though. She is rather/somewhat larger/'manly' than most girl avatars.

I miss exploring that area of Teen Grid :( [and I LOVE that screenshot~♥]

I spent $5.50 on some Linden dollars last night, and this is one of the outfits I put together. Seriously if I had a better body type irl, I'd dress like this :\
-I am still in such a withdrawn & apathetic state [and at times angry]. I'm lonely though, but I can't bring myself to call who I want to call (because I haven't talked to her since April, and haven't replied to much of her replies...or mailed the rest of her present...). I feel so damn guilty! And I am not on AIM like AT ALL [speaking of which, my new account is 'LadyNoremon'], and I don't check much on Facebook, and I haven't been on MySpace in almost a month--if not over a month...I just feel so deflated and hollow at times. I'm better at talking in person or on the phone recently, because as I said I feel blah with typing. 

-I've tried socializing a bit more using PoF, but it's like everyone new I talk to isn't what I'm looking for. I think it's that I sometimes feel like I already had all I wanted, and I feel really bad to the peeps I talk to. There is one though, that I'm trying to give 'more than a friend' chance (and that's only after he told me he was interested), but I think I'm too mopy to be much to him if it does lead to something [which I'm not sure on anyway]. I also met Jeremy on there, and he has become a very good friend to hang-out with. And:

-I met an Airforce Captain!
I didn't actually know of his profession until we had talked several times and he only told me a week before we met at Rely For Life in Middleton. I find him hilarious.

-My mom is currently in the hospital. She had a stomach ulcer she didn't look after and it started bleeding so she is in ward at SMH. She has surgery today, so I'm waiting by my 'cell to see how that went. I'm worried a bit, but there isn't much I can do. I am feeding her cats [and watering them/cleaning their litterbox]. I feel bad because I 'can't' let them outside, even though they REALLY want out. Only Charlotte [Lotty] will come back to me, so I think it is better that they stay inside than be stuck outside in the wet that out summer has become. I am also VERY pissed at my mother for letting her house go like she has. It's in very poor shape. When she gets back I am demanding she tell me what to throw-out and I'll do the lifting. I went to visit her yesterday, but she was in Kentville for an appointment, so I left her a homegrown bouquet of flowers & her mail I picked-up for her. I'm sorry if this seems like I don't care, because I do. My relationship with her isn't the best a lot of the time, and I also get angry that she doesn't take care of herself very well.

for my mom.  

I did get her rosebushes trimmed though. I got so many pricks from them! I didn't realize how many until I got salty water ib them, and it stung bad. I lost one of my rechargable AAA batteries while doing it though, and since I only have 2 I was without my MP3 player until June took pity on my and bought me a new set. My charger needs atleast 2 batteries [of the same type (like 2 AAA, or 2AA, or 3AAA, etc. 1AAA & 1AA together won't work.] in it to charge.

proof that June is awesome!

-I also got 'most' of my garden weeded. I still have a patch to finish, but it's either been so wet/raining or too hot. My lillium also finallt bloomed after me having it 3 years :D


-I had 2 job interviews this month. One for helping backstage at King's Theatre, and one for production at Tim Horton's. I haven't heard back from either though...I really want a job though, I'm sick of being stuck around home and broke. I think that getting-out would help my mood a bit too. I am already hoping to save a smidge for a mini-vacation to either Halifax or Truro. It would be about $60 for the bus, and then whatever the room would be. I am just so bored/mopy lately.

-I'm working on 'Monkey Madness' in "RuneScape" [Gnomes are my favourite race in that game!]. I am currently stuck on the sliding-puzzle, and I am so frustrated with it that even looking at it makes my head hurt, so I am getting Douchette to solve it for me when I visit him Tuesday. He is good with sliding-puzzles. I am also excited to play "Noby Noby Boy" then! I FIND THAT GAME FANTASTIC!~♥
-I got another GB of RAM *bitches~* :D It took all my birthday money though :(

-I also 'beat' [still have the last house/I'm missing Hint Coins/need to wait for the sequel's code] "Professor Layton and the Curious Village" :D


Well I guess that's enough rambling for now, I'll hopefully get into the habit of posting again...


If the images aren't working, just click on them and it will take you to them on my TwitPic.
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