Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

So I finished Maria's story today. She kicked ass at the Combat Tournament (losing by like 150hp), and I was all excited because her Fighting Reputation was kinda high, so in her end story I'm hoping that she'll do something awesome with her life...and...gues what she choose? To be a housewife. Apparently an 'overweight' housewife [I had her on a Slim Down diet for a year, because she was concerned about being unable to wear some of her clothes...and she infact GAINED weight on it D:]...and she had 100 for relationship with Cube, and 75 for relationship with the 'Prince'...who I don't know [and 11 for me]. But she atleast married a knight, so I wish her all the luck. I'm just all "D: MARIA! You had such potiential at adventuring, you were even visited by Valkria twice D: What the hell!?!" I blame the fact that she won the Cooking Tournament twice :(

I am going to start a new game tonight :3

Tags: computer game, game, princess maker

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