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Random things from my Twitter [mostly bad micro-stories] 002:

This is from March 1st 2009-April 25th 2009. [from newest-oldest ('cept in the case of related tweets): :[THE THINGS IN ITALICS ARE NOT ENTIRELY MINE/CHAT SNIPPETS WITH PEOPLE]

He wasn't sure what caused him the gnawing horror in his guts. The Beast, the blood drinking, or the knowledge that he was a moving corpse.

He had saw in a movie how lightning will turn sand into glass. No fear of dying by electrocution anymore, the primal urge to flee remained.

Alex looked at himself in the mirror. He dislikes how scrawny he looks. That campus gym membership card in his wallet would do no good now.

Snazzles: Well you don't like mining :P |me: yes I do :P I don;t like smelting |Snazzles: You don't smelt ess :P |me: :P YOU DO NOW |Snazzles: o.o |me: in my pants ;P |Snazzles: O.O |me: all night long :D |Snazzles: Wtf? D: |me: ;)


Snazzles: "Sarah, are you Jamacian?" | Me: "Hm? Why do you ask? And no." | Snazzles: "Cause Jamacian me crazy XD" | Me: "D:"
Me: "do you have any Irish in you?" | Snazzles: "Yes ;P" | Me: "Do you want some more? ;)" | Snazzles: "NOOOOOOOOOOOO D:"


I keep reading #herebeforeoprah as "he rebef oreo prah"...but yeah @lady_noremon has been on Twitter since August 2008.

Douchette: "I aced Rex :D" | Me: "ooooooh? fought a Metal Gear like a BOSS?"

WHY WON'T IT GO IN D: #canucks

I could tell that the sun was almost gone. Im rarely up that early, but didnt pry myself off my pillow. Sometimes just feel more corspelike.

The landscape was eteral in it's beauty. The way the surface glowed against the contrasting darkness of space.& these shoes! Fuck,so bouncy.
He loved bouncy shoes. They always made it seem like he could run faster, & jump higher than normal. Elianos was glad for them right now.
A lot of ground had to be covered--and in such a hurry! 56mins remained in his air supply, but a normal man would only have just survived 4.
The landing had been rough. A discontented grin was shot to the badly damaged craft. At least it had done its job and got him to the site.

On my way to the doctor's [sadly not The Doctor's].

Fred:"I wanna go to a titty bar.When u come out I want u to go with me." Me:"whhhhy?"| "Cause when u go in with a girl u get treated better"

"I dont like the fact I have a Malkavian best-friend on this date...Ive become too jumpy!...I think that's the point...Was that the prank?!"


I dragged myself up the steps. I knew it would take all my willpower to stand mostly normal when I entered the office.
I slid my suitcase up each step. I was glad to have found it again,as I had tossed it in the chase. Hopefully this shabby place had a room.
I really shouldnt have just taken off. Then again I couldnt have expected those fuckers to be waiting in the parking lot.

Fred: "your taste in anime is horrible. So you can't even suggest me any ;_;" | Me: ":( you should watch FMA" | Fred: "Fucking Mother Apes?"

"If I hadnt been Embraced." Alexander mused while moving about the room."Id atleast have shorter hair right now!"he grinned with a chuckle.

"I forgot about the holiday once when I was little and claimed my green eye counted to keep from being pinched..."

:-( I just patted Minnow with my cookie by mistake (she jumped onto my lap and surprised me while I was eating a cookie)

What kind of name is 'sex cheese' for a tapa?


From Canucks live blog: on joining Ohlund in the showers "I know.. but we all know you would be wearing appropriate shower clothing. "

When she got up on the table, she was the most beautiful she had ever looked. My sunlight girl for the instant before she burst into flames.

*gropes* | *kisses neck*. | are you a vampire? | YES! | ...what clan, baby? __from a convo with Cleverbot

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