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~G-Senjou no Neko~

Thu, July 14, 2005 5:40 pm
Well I am upset, yet excited at the same time.

My favorite manga; G-Senjou no Neko, has been licensed.
DMP (Digital Manga Publishing), is going to make it avalible in english. I wish they would have used it's japanese name though, Il Gato Sul G, will be hard for me to remember, after calling it G-Senjou no Neko for so long. Atleast I have all the scanlation releses from mochi*mochi. I look forward to trying to get enough money together to buy it when it comes out.

I shall have the scanlations avalible for download behind the lj-cut. I know it is somewhat non-legal, but I would like to be able to let others have exposure to it, in the space of the scanlations ending and DMP having it on the market.

---> here is a old post with abunch of pictures in it

title or description

G-Senjou no Neko ~Black~ ---> DOWNLOAD
G-Senjou no Neko ~White~ ---> DOWNLOAD
G-Senjou no Neko -vol 2- chapters 1-2 ---> DOWNLOAD

Sadley only avalible as YouSendIt, links till I can upload them somewhere else, so time is limited till then.
I can always send them via Streamload. They are now on FileFront.

title or description

title or description

title or description

Below is a picture by Zaphk which I thought was some fanart
title or description

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