Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

New Shooooooooeeeesssssz :D

FINALLY got the shoes my mom had on lay-away :D

I've never had 'skater' shoes before, but at the times they were only $15 and I needed a pair of sneakers that I could use for not-good. Well after my mom put my good shoes through the washer [when I went to the beach I got them salty & damp and was GOING to just clean them with a damp cloth & let them dry out good...but she took them while I was out and completely ruined them :( I paid a fair bit for them in AB and loved those shoes...], I was in need of a new pair of sneakers. So I have some piratey-hooves now :P They are comfy even without dreaded socks, but I'm still getting used to having flat bottoms. I have a purse & wristband to match them lol.



Bottom/sole [the new Request logo reminds me of the Rockstar logo >.>]

Top; behold my double-knot-no-jitsu ;) The front is so hard lol, and tiny compared to the rest of the runner.

It may look like the laces are lose, but the inside has this elastic connecting the tongue to the sides so they feel rather tight when wearing my insoles ^^

Back ^^ I love how thick the inside around the top is...

I also got some camo' laces to make my shoes all fancy :P

Waya!laces ;) [also my nails need a re-painting D:]

I thought it was hilarious how they are imported by Sara Lee ^^;

Yep now to break them in, and I CAN'T WAIT to ride my bike again :C

Random: David Bowie's "China Doll" & "Sound & Vision" sound very similar to each other O:

I also need to upload pictures of the books I bought at the book sale :)
Tags: clothing, shopping

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