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Vancouver Canucks' Podcasts October 2007-February 18th 2009

Since does not have non-iTune friendly links I went through the massive "" page and sorted it. I am working-on the post-game interviews & such for the future, but it will be more work. I couldn't find episode 10 for last year ;___;


2007-2008 Season
Episode 001: Most Intimidating Moment --
Episode 002: Favourite Pet --
Episode 003: Canucks Trivia: "Who is the Canucks highest scoring centre?" --
Episode 004: Canucks Trivia: "Where is Mattias Ohlund's birth city?" --
Episode 005: Canucks Trivia: "Which team do the Canucks have the most all-time wins against?" --
Episode 006: Worst Road Trip Experience --
Episode 007: On the Road: In Edmonton --
Episode 008: What is your favourite road city? --
Episode 009: What is a shoe check? --
Episode 010 --
Episode 011: Canucks Trivia: "Who has the most Canucks hat tricks?" --
Episode 012: On the Road: In Minnesota --
Episode 013: Canucks Trivia: "Who is tied with Pavel Bure for highest scoring rookie?" --
Episode 014: Markus Naslund Highlights --
Episode 015: Music in the Canucks Dressing Room --
Episode 016: What's your favourite type of music? --
Episode 017: Canucks Least Favourite Music --
Episode 018: Canucks Trivia: "Gino Odjick has the most penalty minutes as a Canuck, who's second?" --
Episode 019: What is the last song you played? --
Episode 020: Learn Finnish with Sami Salo: 'Face Off' --
Episode 021: Learn French with Roberto Luongo --
Episode 022: Learn Finnish with Sami Salo: 'Hockey Stick' --
Episode 023: Canucks Trivia: "Who has the all-time coaching win percentage?" --
Episode 024: Learn Swedish with Alex Edler: 'Shoulder Pad' --

2008-2009 Season
Episode 001: What is the most exciting thing about the beginning of the season? --
Episode 002: What was your best subject in school? --
Episode 003: Learn Swedish with Alex Edler: 'Face Off' --
Episode 004: Who is the best action hero? --
Episode 005: What is the most memorable thing a coach has said to you? --
Episode 006: What is the best sign you've seen at a game? --
Episode 007: Canucks Trivia: "What month do the Canucks have the most all-time wins?" --
Episode 008: Who would you choose?: to go in a shootout --
Episode 009: Best fight --
Episode 010: Canucks Trivia: "Who on the current roster has the most career hat tricks?" --
Episode 011: What's for Christmas dinner? --
Episode 012: What's your best Christmas memory? --
Episode 013: New Year's Resolutions --
Episode 014: What is the best goal of the season so far? --
Episode 015: What is your most memorable fan encounter? --
Episode 016: All-Star break --
Episode 017: Celebrity hockey --
Episode 018: Rookie Initiation --
Episode 019: Current book --
Episode 020: Choose a superpower --


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