Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

13xWTF?xIt Has Almost Been A Week...

 Yep today is Friday the 13th *oooooooooooooo/ghosty noises*...but I've had pretty snazzy luck today so whah-evah :P *does not temp fate O:*

But yeah got 2 cards [one from June & one from a little girl neighbour...] today, a bottle of nail polish & a Canucks mug :D I already have a mug just like it but now I can have one to keep & one to use ^______^ Seriously this is a awesome mug! It changes colour when you fill it with something hot-like tea...-and damn it's a Vancouver Canucks' mug XD Yeah it is black with the 'orca'-logo on it and slightly raised 'Vancouver Canucks'. When it gets got stripes appear on it along with a 'vintage'-logo and 'Vancouver Canucks' turns white ^_^ It is a awesome mug lol

So yeah I am so EXCITED to read my Valentinr in 9 hours :P [I'll have to wait 'till morning though because I'm not staying-up massively late/early again...] I have 3 :O


I read this morning that, that woman who had the 8 babies is asking for donations on her blog -____- I have no support for this woman. She had 6 kids prior & the doctors told her not to go on the fertility treatment. Like she knew that kids are expensive and lots of work, why go on fertility treatment against doctor's orders if she couldn't handle it...Also WTF is wrong with teens/pre-teens?

CBC's "The Fifth Estate" just did a investigation into this 'rehab' place and damn that place should be shut down. It is run-by/created by a man who is banned from practising in America and staffed by teens. They charge $50,000CAD for the 'treatment' and false-diagnose teens with being stage-4 addicts. They tell the kids parents that they have to commit their kids or else the kids will die. The stuff the teens put the 'patients' through is fucked-up. A few of the things are they can't use words longer than 'marmalade' (because "being a smart-Alec is part of their addiction"), eat shit, get told a parent has died, and there has been cases of rape. The place isn't government-run so they don't need a license to operate. The ones who diagnose are usual around 15-ish so wtf. I hope it dies in a fire.


Yeah I've gone almost a week without updating o_o; I haven't been doing much either...mostly sleeping and some art (which I have scanned some of and need to upload).

Tags: holiday, rant

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