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Damn "Fringe" is so good :D I am soooo enjoying this show! Olivia is growing on me, but originally Peter was my fav' character. I need to find the episode (or 2? I think I missed another episode, but I'm not sure) I missed online. I wish I had a colour television though because I loved the colour schemes they were using. Damn I need a new TV >_<

Here are a few pictures of my pitiful snowman** ^^;


I love this picture XD I think I look like a monkey ^^

This was taken to show scale. [I think I have skinny legs...]

"Bitches don't know about mah snowman" from my 6pm-7pm Hourly Comic :P

**I went outside to make a snowman on the night of January 31st. The snow was too much like powder so it didn't stick together. I ended-up just piling a few of the snowballs I did manage to make together and covering them in more snow. I then took a block of frozen!snow and used it for a head. I then wrapped a scarf around it.

I can't wait to actually get to make a proper snowman :C
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