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Gallery Fake & Bartender

I downloaded the first episode of "Bartender' because the name seemed interesting. Well I'm only seen 3 episodes of it and already I love it! Each episode is basically one story. It's about people that have problems and they find this hidden bar called Eden Hall and the young bartender instead of just giving them booze and forgetting about them tries to help them. Often it's by making a cocktail that has a flavour to it that makes the person remember good times or that makes them happy and they can then confront their problems.

Because it reminded me of "Gallery Fake" I decided to see if any more episodes of than had been released/subbed. Two years ago I had watched the first 5 episodes of it but the group that was doing it dropped it. Then just before I left for AB a very small group took it on and I managed to see another episode. I completely forgot about checking for more when I got out West. When I saw "Bartender" I really had to see if there was anymore. Well the group has gotten up to #21 and that was released in November. But their site was down when I tried going to it so I'm afraid that they might not sub anymore. Apparently most people don't like it because of all the technical art terms and all the history about artists and such. Also because it doesn't really have a continuing plot, each episode is it's own compact story. These are both reasons why I loooove it O: I also love the characters; 'specially Sara. She is just so optimistic and silly (dispite her tragic past which you can see when she gets so upset when people fight/there is violence). Fujita reminds me of a character from a old movie. He is like a anti-hero (film noir style). He does good things but he uses dark methods (like the black market and theft) to do so. Also it is sometimes just for his own gain.

"Gallery Fake", "Bartender", and "REC" all remind me of the types of movies I love. Like "Roman Holiday", "Arsenic & Old Lace", "The Bells of Saint Mary's", etc. I really doubt that they will get licensed because there doesn't seem to be a high demand for shows like that.


Yes on to the episodes of "Gallery Fake" I've seen in the past 3 days.

WEEEEEELLLLLLL O: The last few episodes I've seen don't quite seem like they belong entirely...It all started with Fei Cui. Noooooow I was excited about they apparent ex-lover rival thing that her and Fujita seemed to have. Then it went *OMG SMACK ME ASIDE THE HEAD* when Fei Cui started wanking-off to mystery clocks! D: And then she whipped her assistant with a cat-o-nine-tails when he walked in on her and he was all "punish me mistress for my foolishness! *beg*" D: I just like stared at the screen and went "DID I JUST SEE WHAT I THOUGHT I SAW?!" Like one moment the show was focusing on how diamonds absorb oil, but Cubic Zirconium repels it so The Hope Diamond has been replaced with a fake, then it switches to Fei Cui in her bathtub masterbating to a wall of mystery clocks D: If that wasn't enough apparently her assistant gets-off on 'punishment' -_____-;

The next episode sends Fujita & Sara to The Amazon along with a mysterious tresure hunter in search of El Dorado. Yes; because it is completely logical that a art dealer/small gallery in Japan would know a Spanish treasure hunter who after his mentor dies would fly to Japan to enlist the help of the art dealer...Also apparently the mentor died of 'mysterious causes' and left a note. a picture, and a clue incased in a ceramic dinosaur...ANYWAY once they get to South America the villagers (the note said to go to this one village) start acting weird so treasure hunter guy decides to follow the cheif to see where he is sneaking-off to. Fujita, Sara, and a television host (the trip is also gettign funded by a television show) follow them. Well apparently treasure hunter guy decides to pull a knife on the cheif and Sara intervens so the cheif decided to show them what his village is keeping hidden. It turns out to be a secret Mayan (yes, Mayan in The Amazon) temple/city and the village/tribe is decended from a group of Mayans that broke-off from the civilisation in Mexico. Also apparently they worship dinosaurs...Turns out that the mentor of treasure hunter died and after his death strange symbols appeared on his back and the autopsy revealed that his heart was completly missing D: (he was apparently going to be a sacrifice, but he escaped but ended-up dead anyway) So the villagers decide that Sara would make a better sacrifice anyway. They put her in a spell and everyone is saved by Fujita putting the dinasaur (a tiny jade one that was hidden in the ceramic one) in the back of the altar and thus causing the how cave the temple/city was in to collasp. The group of 4 escapes but not before television host gives a speech and decided to stay behind and die (treasure hunter was like HELL NO and drug him out). Yeah, I was all "O_o; atleast I can enjiy it!" through the whole thing.

Episode 10 starts to go back to the original style until this artist guy seduces Fei Cui, She had stolen a jewel and jumped through his window to escape police. He didn't act scared or anything even when she held a knife to his neck. Thus she can't stop thinking about him after and eventually starts stalking him. She commisions him for painting based off "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde (and then smacks him acrossed the face with his own sketch book). But Fei Cui starts to lose her vison eventhough the tests by the doctors claim nothing is wrong. Being a jeweler/jewel theif her vision is VERY important. Then artist guy goes to her place late at night to deliver the final painting and she goes completly blind. He then seduces her and then robs her. As she returns back to her ruthless self her vison come back. What I found funny though was all during this episode Fei Cui kept asking Fujita over to gloat about how awesome she was (she stole a awesome jewel, she had a wonderful artist working for her, he sight had come back, etc.). Sara found out and was jealous (because Sara and Fujita have a kind of odd relationship of assistant/mentor/couple) so she attacks Fujita with her cat D: He was sneaking back to the gallery after one meeting and Sara was sitting outside holding her cat. "Yo, are you taking the cat for a walk?" says Fujita and Sara says to the cat something like "take aim, punish him for sneaking-off to see that woman T_T" then she throws the cat at him! And the cat actually did attack him XD

But yeah, the last 2 episodes have ignored one of the major facts about Sara. Sara has a massive scar (from a burn) along her right arm from when her home was attacked (she is from a rich Arab family that was all murdered) and she always keeps that arm covered by something to hide it. Often it is by wearing long sleeves. Well the last 2 episodes have had her in t-shirts and such and there is no scar >_< I hope they remember the characters backstories soon...Sara's past is one of the things that makes her more 3-D...
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