Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Okay I made a list tonight of the quests I apparently have the levels for. There are 56 on this list including 7 parts of 'Recipe For Disaster' (which I remember when it came out :O)! I have started some of these quests, and should finish them...and there are 3 F2P ones on it :-|

I will be doing 'Tears of Guthix' tomorrow. I. Must. Do. That. Quest. I should also try to finish 'Ghosts Ahoy' as I am almost done it...I just need to finish fixing the toy ship and do the stuff to defeat Necrovarus(sp?)...I actually only stopped because I was too lazy to go get dye...but now there is The Grande Exchange! I also have 4 Hard quests that I might be able to do. I reeeeally should finish the 1st part of 'Rag and Bone Man' (another quest I remember when it was released!), as I almost have all the bones [I think I just need the bear bone(s?)], and just need to clean them; then I can have my bank space back! Yeah, Lady needs to be more 1337!

EDIT---Finished 'Tears of Guthix' and I had miscounted last night and there was only 55 quests I can do.

Tags: goal, quest, runescape

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