Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


I am still sooooo stuffed-up from the dusting yesterday that I din't bother finishing it today. I didn't sleep well and woke-up some. I had a sore throat (from sleeping with my mouth open) by the time I did get up for good and still can't breath from my nostrils. D: I hope it gets better by tomorrow as I want to actually be able to taste my food when I eat it and not feel like something is stuck up in my sinuses D:

I did buy a 6 drawer organiser thing at Home Hardware today though :D I can put my art stuff in it and the things I have for my hair (like headbands and clips). I also got a new flashlight (I gave the one I had to June and have been using a LED dot light for the last while), and a multi-coloured mouse toy for Minnow.

Tomorrow is going to be snazzy because of 'Dragon Slayer' :D I'm right excited to finally be doign it. Matt & I plan to meet in Lumbridge sometime around 5pm :D

I had to go and replace my 'RoseDoctorJack' user-picture because it kept showing-up as;  WTF LiveJournal D:

But yeah I need to go bed D:

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