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BahhxI'm Getting 1337xNo More Tree...

Yeah I didn't get to go to Greenwood today because of the weather :( I have the urge to say "January 8th die in a fire" but I shant because today was pretty snazzy :3 [last year was so terrible for me, and most reading should know why] I talked with mixed__up & keledron most of today and not much else besides 'Scaping tonight...but I had lots of fun :3

I slept in till 10ish and then watched "Live With Regis & Kelly". Had some AWESOME meatloaf for lunch that June made :3 I love June's cooking! I hope to try for Greenwood on Monday now. I need to pick-up "Yakitate!! Japan" volume#2 & "KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne" volume#3 because the order came it :3 I also need to buy some more pajama pants & a pack of DS game holders. I got 3 new games and I need a new case--7 games now! :D Yeah; "Phoenix Wright" 1-3, "Professor Layton and the Curious Village", Phantom Hourglass, "My French Coach", and "Starfox Command". I only have 30 Coins with Club Nintendo though ;_____; [I was really suprised Starfox wasn't worth any!]

Oh and alchemy_hisoka's parcel finally got there! It had been about 14 business days so I was starting to get antsy about it...I hope hisensei808's aets to him soon too ^^ [I still have 2 more to send to people D: and I hope I find that card I painted for my uncle soon has been missing for awhile and I wanted to send it to him way before this ;___;]

Damn I don't know how well this will be typed because I'm so sleepy D:


I got lvl 61 Combat tonight :D I also got 2 Magic levels from the circus and a Range! So I have; 47 atk, 48 str, 48 def, 48 hp, 39 Prayer, 33 Range, 42 Mage, and 15 Summoning :O

I FINALLY finished though damn crocodiles I had for Slayer! I hated them so much -___-; I have a slight real-life fear of crocodiles, aligators, and water snakes (the poisonous kind, 'specially the white&black-striped ones), and where I had to fight them in RS wasn't close to a bank and I had to use waterskins. The only fun was getting levels, using my clay armour, and beating something that has a higher level than me.

I have plans to play Stealing Creation with Matt this weekend :D I can't wait to try and get some more points~ My armour & weapon are at about 60% right now so I want to be able to replace them when they break. I loooove the extra exp I've been getting from using it :D


Wendy is taking our Christmas tree down tomorrow ;_____; i'll miss it...but I got lots of pictures :D

Atleast Ordon (my light-up outside deer ornament I repaired) can stay out for a bit longer ^^


I was going to type more but I am so tired I'm just going to flop into bed D: Ciao!
Tags: christmas, holiday, runescape

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