Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

"Oh, Layton, you ridiculous dandy. Just you wait!"

I havent been on my computer since Christmas Day D: Im actually on my phone again...I've been playing Professor Layton >_>

Ive gotten to puzzle 64 not including the higher number hidden ones. Im at the talking to Matthew part on the 2nd day. Also I dont trust Chelmy at all! How could he get into the village...? I really like Lucy & her puzzles. My favorite puzzle so far was the one with cutting stamps. But I like the matchstick ones too :3 Oh and I built the gizmo! I named it Jigsaw, because he was like a jigsaw puzzle XD; Oh and Im worried for Deke O: Also what is up with the general store? I know they have a market in the Northern section, but why was the store abandoned!? Where is Flora too? Shouldnt she have been at the meeting over her father's inheritance? I have a feeling something is up with that tower, & Lady Dahlia is connected with it...What is up with this place in general D:

Tags: professor layton, video game

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