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"Gofrette" is a awesome show~

I probably knew this before, but it seems like I just found-out that America doesnt have Boxing Day! O: So I guess all those commercials actually were localized. So no Big Big Boxing Day sale at Macy's in whatever city "Miracle On 34th Street" took place in :(

I wont lie; I downloaded the DW Christmas special. I decided I couldnt wait until whenever CBC shows it--if they ever do. I just got to see "Voyage of the Damned" a month or so ago, because I waited :-| So yes, I'll post my thoughts on it later, behind a `cut of course :-P ...I will say that I teared-up in parts...and that it was certainly new and different style-wise from the other specials. I will also say that I include "The Unquiet Dead" in any DW Christmas marathons ;-P I still love the Ninth Doctor the best~ [out of the 7 I have experience with (One, Five, Seven, Eight, Shalka, Nine, & Ten)]! So yes enough rambling D:

I still have to complete the holiday event in RuneScape & scan some art. I meant to yesterday >_>;

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