Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

"now everytime I go to the mailbox, gotta hold myself down"

I hung my holiday cards up today~ ...all 3 of them. I love getting mail! I also always hand my cards on the wall by my bed with a string. I still have to mail 3 cards and 2 boxes if I can get to town to mail D:

I has been shit weather and isnt supposed to get any better. We lost power for awhile today even. I had to cancel my appointment with Mr.Neville today :-( We were supossed to go over the forms for the interest deferal. Hopefully the government will give me `till the end of January to get them in. Today was like the only time my accountant was able to get me in and it is kinda hard to get to Middleton when we are having a blizzard -_-* I spent most of the day in bed because it was too windy to make a fire. I didnt get my shopping done either ;_; But it was what I was going to get the animals so it can wait until there is better weather. I am going to try and get a toy for Minnow though at the Pharmasave, because she loves all the strange new things that have been brought in.

Tags: holidays, mail, minnow

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