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I'm just rambling, so ignore if you want.

Garg, *random noise*, fuckers!
There now that I'vew got that out I am going to ramble >_<

I know some of this may sound kinda upbeat compared to the matter that it contains, I can't help it.

I just wish people would leave me alone for atleast a little while. And I'm aware if some ppl I know read this they would be all like, "Leave you alone? Slacker! You'll never do anything if left alone." I don't care. Maybe I should just drop out, I might be better off, moving into what I keep being acussed of. Not doing anything, or not giving any effort.

I could start doing drugs, and get knocked up, and go on welfare. Then everyone would have something to be upset about. Instead I think I try to be a good 'kid' right down. I do try to get my work done, unless I am under so much stress that I start getting sick. Then I just toss the unimportant stuff aside, and do the important stuff.

This month, I had a choice besides completing my CanHis essay, and continue pukeing, or say 'screw it', and write the exam. I wrote the exam, and it didn't kill me. Though my 86 went down to a 73. I know not good work. That time I actually got cocky and didn't study. But I still passed the course, and I went in to write the exam. I could have stayed home and still got a 68.

Matt if he had done good on his math exam would have passed math. Instead he decided not to even bother, and got like a 28 in the course.

due to me being busy, I shall continue this at a later date...maybe.

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