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"♫we know the game, and we're going to play it♪"


I first must talk about "Yakitate!! Japan" :O

Basically this anime is full of crack, well the last few episodes I saw really crossed a line I never have with my Crack. Pot. Specifically a pot doughnut was made that caused time travel...yes read that sentence again.


Basically Azuma was trying to make another bread that caused someone to temporarily go to Heaven, because Pierrot wanted to see his parents. See Pierrot turned-out to be the long-lost prince of Monaco. But he only found this out as his father was dying because he gave so much blood to Pié-chan (what I have started calling him :P He really is my favourite character now). Because someone stabbed Pié-chan causing him to need a blood transfusion of Bombay-type. Since Pierrot had been looking for his parents since he was little he wanted to finally meet them. His mother died in childbirth. He was then stolen as a baby and left at a circus, and the people of Monaco assumed he was dead.

So while Azuma made a doughnut that wasn't really made like a pot brownie, it did contain 3 different types of processed cannabis seeds. Cannabis milk in the dough, fried in a mixture of cannabis oil&safflower oil, and sprinkled with cannabis flour and brown sugar...This caused Pié-chan to travel back 23-years in time >.> And he managed to prevent his mother dying and alos wasn't stolen, and his father never died :D So Pierrot was raised to be great like the clown that helped the queen and was named after him too :P


I have almost got my shopping done 100% :D I just need to find something for the animals, & 2 people :( I don't know what to buy and don't want to seem cheap by only buying $5 giftcards and a ornament...

I did a lot of wrapping Friday night O: So I just need to find some boxes and ship what needs shipping! I apologize to my away-peeps ahead of time if it doesn't arrive by Christmas ^^;


I'm going to go visit Matt [Matthew Doucett, the only Matt I know now] Tuesday! :D Going to play some DMC4, MGS4 demo, and Twin Snakes~!♥ All on a new 40inch HD television :D  *weeeee~*


Now I'm going to either make some peanut butter balls or have a bath~

Tags: anime, friends, gift, video game, yakitate!! japan

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