Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Bloodlines 12-04-2008

Yes, I started playing it again :D

Apparently it is now October in-game. It was April during the plague mission...Did it take me months to complete the mission, or does my Toreador have amnesia o_o;

I want a room like this. I really thought it was so cool :D [also led me to wonder, why there was a hidden room in the wall anyway...Sure it could be storage, or for renovations, but what if someone was living there? :O]

I also want to mention the 'raptor in the hallway scared me for a second O:


Oh Shit D,:

I heard a 'growl' too when I first saw the T-Rex head...may-or-may-not have imagined it...



...Well...The museum staff certainly have interesting tastes >.> [and possibly may be looking for jobs 'working tthe streets'...]

I really wish I knew what the smaller article says :( [and what does that picture have to do with?]

I just felt the urge to take a screenshot from here...[Also! The clocks here have moving second-hands!]

"We see you touching all that stuff" ;_; YOU'RE RUINING MY FUN! (Then again my Toreador wonders if certain things that can be touched are more closely watched than others >;3)

It says 'hi'!

I originally tried/am trying to do this "Metal Gear Solid" style, which means shooting the cameras and then hiding for awhile...but my game seems to be glitching (my Stealth bar isn't showing-up, and I can't seem to open the door after the laser-beams...) so I will be re-trying this area tomorrow...Here is a camera that glitched so it was floating in the air, and apparently it makes a terrible hiding spot...^^;

I can't remember why I took this screenshot >.> I really do love this office though!~♥

L4Z3r B34/\/\Z!!!1 D: [I actually managed to jump through them by pressing jump repeatedly, then I noticed a panel on the wall I could hit that made them go on the fritz :D]

To be continued when I have had some sleep...
Tags: bloodlines, game, v:tm

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