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I am choosing Doctor Who & it's spin-offs :3 (because I think the results would be funny)

Pick 10 characters of your favorite fandom and answer the questions

"Doctor Who"
1. Rose
2. Tenth Doctor
3. Donna
4. Captain Jack
5. Martha
6. Owen
7. Ninth Doctor
8. The Face of Bo
9. Sarah Jane
10. Tosh

If Nr. 4 (Jack) and Nr. 9 (Sarah Jane) go to the cinema what film would they choose? Popcorn or sweets?
I'm guessing they would go see a classic from Golden Hollywood. I think popcorn, but if Jack was in the mood he might try to get some 'dessert' from Sarah Jane o_o;

Nr. 1 (Rose), Nr. 3 (Donna) and Nr. 10 (Tosh) are baking a cake together. What sort of cake are they making? How will it taste? 
...Is there a fanfic of this? I think I'm putting '' around 'cake' >.> But yes! I think after the fighting, they would make something with fruit in it, like pineapple cake, and it would have like rum icing or some-such. I think if it didn't burn (because they would be talking about girly-things) it would be good. 

You wake up in the middle of the night and see, how Nr. 2 (Ten) and Nr. 7 (Nine) are fighting. Nr. 2 lies on the ground injured. How will Nr. 7 react?
Bwahaha! It's the same person, so The Doctor was apparently fighting with himself D: If they were 2 people, Nine would try and help him, and Ten would act like it was no big deal. I have a mental image of Ten punching himself in the face...

Nr. 8 (Face of Bo) makes a mix tape for Nr. 4.(Jack) What songs does he/she choose?
...I'm guessing jazz, and probably "Closer" from Nine Inch Nails would be on it XD (they may or may not be the same person)?

Describe Nr. 5 (Martha) in one word. 

How shows Nr. 3 (Donna) his/her love towards Nr. 10 (Tosh)?
They haven't even met, so I don't think she does. BUT! I'm sure there is fanciction of it XD 

Nr. 2 (Ten) is pregnant. Who is the father?
...[...I don't know, but I'm going to blame hisensei808 for this :C] I'm guessing some alien is the father...maybe that one that inpregnates by bitting? 

Nr. 7 (Ten) betrays Nr. 3 (Donna) with Nr. 1 (Rose), who's in a relationship with Nr. 10 (Tosh). Nr. 4 (Jack) admits to you, that he/she likes Nr. 7 (Nine). What is your first reaction?
I say good for you Ten! And I already know Jack is in love with The Doctor. I'm just wondering why Rose & Tosh are going-at-it O:

What would happen if Nr. 9 (Sarah Jane) and Nr. 5 (Martha) being catapulted into the Middle Ages? 
I don't want to think of what would happen to poor Martha. But Sarah Jane would probably find a way to say them both! 

Nr. 2 (Ten) has depression. What will Nr. 8 (The Face of Bo) do to help him/her? 
Tell him he isn't alone XD Or go and die on him :C 

Nr. 6 (Owen), Nr. 3 (Donna) and Nr. 9 (Sarah Jane) are drunk and pass by a Love Hotel. What will happen next? 
Owen would try to shag both of the women, and Sarah Jane would leave, and maybe Donna would have a wild night with growling weasel man :O 

Will Nr. 6 (Owen) be a good president? 
I'd vote for him! 

Nr. 8 (The Face of Bo) is now a member of Scientology…

And Nr. 1 (Rose) is Miss Universe…

Nr. 4 (Jack), Nr. 2 (Ten) and Nr. 10 (Tosh) are sitting in the same train compartment. What are they doing for not getting bored?
Shagging? :O No, Jack would be talking with The Doctor, and Tosh would be reading. Or Jack would introduce Tosh to The Doctor and they would have a lovely chat.

What lies on the nightstands of Nr. 5 (Martha), Nr. 6 (Owen) and Nr. 7 (Nine)?
The basics, a ox of condoms, and apile of many things spilling over onto the floor.

How lives Nr. 3 (Donna)?
Since I havent seen the last 2 episodes of series 4 yet, I will go with what I know. Donna was living as a temp' worker for offices, and constantly being put-down by her mother. Her grandfather and her pal-ed around a lot. She was going to get married (and then SPOILER: be turned into a Huon Particle key to be tossed into the center of the Earth :C), but her whole life changed when she met The Doctor. Agter that she started spending her time traveling and looking for him where there was danger. She met back up with him and is currently traveling all over Time & Space.

Nr. 2 (Ten) and Nr. 6 (Owen) have a child together. How’s Nr. 7s (Nine) reaction about this fact?

What’s in the bathroom of Nr. 8 (The Face of Bo)?
Smoke? And the usual bathroom stuff (mentioned in "The End of The World" that his hot-water wasn't working in his suite)? [maybe a litterbox too, for that cat!nurse XD]

Nr. 1 (Rose) and Nr. 4 (Jack) are participating on the Olympic Games. Which discipline do they choose and are they successful?
Rose would be in gymnastics :P [remember she used to be in gymnastics from "Rose"] Jack would be in that event with the skiing & rifles XD

And who will come to encourage them?
The Doctor (probablly dragging Donna & Martha along), and all of Torchwood.

You are coming home from an hard day and find Nr. 1 (Rose) and Nr. 6 (Owen) on your bed. Feeding each other strawberries. You…? 
I would stand there, staring with my mouth open. "What. The. Fuck." I would stammer-out. And Owen would ask me to join them if I pleased. I'd go after Rose >.>

Why do you hate Nr. 5(Martha)?
I just have never gotten to like her as a companion D: I don't hate her! She just acts like she knows it all, and she wants in The Doctor's pants too much :C I like her otherwise, and she did say the planet!

You see Nr. 10(Tosh) cry. Why is he/she crying?
Nobody likes her? Owen won't look at her? She did good? I've seen her cry for all those reasons ^^;

Would Nr. 8 (The Face Bo) ever rape Nr. 2 (Ten)?
O_o; I think if he tried it would be with those tenticle/hair-things o_o; Or just flop on him and crush the poor Doctor...I don't think he ever would though! 'Cept emotionally with the "Y.A.N.A." thing :C
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