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So Yeah I haven't made a "what is going on in life for me" post in awhile...this isn't really that good of one, but I can't think of anything to say ^^;

I have been role playing a bunch this past week. I like playing Godot, but I don't think I do a very good job with him. I also need to start taking part in things a whole lot more D: I just never know what to do or say. I also don't think he likes Edgeworth AT ALL -_-* I also tend to get kinda grumpy with him and just seem to want to insult most male characters...I also had to do a Penance for cpslk_drssngrm  XD I put like no effort into it :P

I want to play a character from something else, but the only things I can think of are animals or The Shagohod XD

Any ideas?


I watched like 5 episodes of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" today! It's pretty good. I really like Luke~ I have to keep reminding myself though that the reason it seems more kiddy-like is because it was made for a younger audience ^^; I keep going "if that were in DW, then that guy would have died!" I WANT TO SEE MORE K9 THOOOOOOUUUUGH ;_; "Affliction noted Mistress", poor metal!dog :(

I am wondering who will be the next Doctor! I loved Nine, Ten grew massively on me, and I don't really know who could fill his shoes. I also want a return of Captain Jack next season/series...[this series things confused me at first, as I hear 'season' used pretty much the same way!]

Well after my almost heart-stopping scare from this weekend, I decided to plan to get a new desktop in the somewhat-near future. I plan to keep using Windows XP too. Also I am kinda against Macs, do to a certain person, so don't suggest that I switch. I like using them for somethings, but I still have crap memories, so now is not the time.

I also FINALLY organized my cables (mostly)!!!!! I need to take a few pictures. It looks so much cleaner though! My next project is getting some special cloths and dusting the inside & cleaning the fan. Atleast my cleaning jazz doesn't involve taking tweasers to my mouse anymore!

Well I have been sleeping a lot lately. I don't know why either. I used to only need 7 hours, and now I need like 10-11. It's kinda annoying, since I'm getting called lazy a lot now. I also can't seem to sleep at night, and have been staying-up till about 3am the past little while. Damn! I need to break this, because if I here back from anywheres, I will need too.


My right ear has been plugged all weekend and I can't hear well out of it. I am on something for it, but it really is annoying.
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