Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Hylian = Hyrulian?

Yep, so after beating Phantom Hourglass I kind-of stared at the screen for a few moments and was at a loss.

"No more Zelda for Sarah?"

Then I remembered; I still haven't beaten "A Link to the Past" because I did something in a dungion out-of-order, and can't continue with it [no way to get another key...?]. So I started a new game (I didn't erase my old one as it is the one I beat Four Swords with fox_avenger  with)! I forgot how damn hard only having 3 hearts in the begining was D: Also I think my thumb is cramping with the A+B+Y+X buttons...I want a GameBoy Advance SP soooooo bad ;_;

I also haven't beaten Oracle of Ages. The Goron Dance is sooooo hard with a linked!game -__-; I had no problems with the Subrosian Dance, but the Goron one is HARD.

If I ever work on/make a Zelda game, I want there to be a desert with hidden camp of Sheikah in it, and a lave+mining area with Subrosians. I'd also like to have different worlds or different times too. Like maybe have you go to the past and there be a island of River Zora & Tokay, then in the present have that island be inhabited by Zora...There also needs to be Anouki, Yook, and those 'yetis' from Twilight Princess. Oooo and the Tokay could have developed into Lizalfos ^^; I think having to learn songs is important to a game too, to teleport or to gain access to protected areas. I also think a Zelda game should have Gossip Stones ^^; The Dark World trippy place thing from A Link to the Past where you get turned into a bunny would also be cool. I think there could be a awesome tricky dungion made in it. IT WOULD ALSO HAVE TO BE ABLE TO BE PLAYED AFTER BEATING IT D: [I HATE THAT SOOOOOOO MUCH WITH THE 2 NEWER GAMES!]

So ends my rambling for now lol XD I hope some day to post my theory-of-Timeline or lack there-of XD
Tags: the legend of zelda, video game

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