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character music meme from projecturzu2

01) Pick a character that is near and dear to your heart.
02) Hit shuffle on your iPod.
03) Listen to the first 10 songs.
04) Pick a lyric line from each song that describes the character

Well I am picking Lestat D:

01) Erasure -- Ship of Fools
"why is life so precious and so cruel?"

02) first skipped due to instrumental, aswell as second, and third
       Scissor Sister -- Intermission
"all the angels want to know; are you lost or treading water?"

03) first skipped due to instrumental
       Erasure -- Supernature (William Orbit Mix) [I think it is more a Tremere song]
"they were angry with the man, because he changed their way of life. And they take their sweet revenge, as they trample through the night"

04) Dr.Reanimator -- Move Your Dead Bones
"a superior existence, with no one to control you, where you can always do what you like"

05) The Red Elvises -- Scorchi Chorniye
"dancing through the night, driving us insane"

06) Frou Frou -- Psychobabble
"Go on, have it; You're just dying to try me"

07) Mani Svavarsson [from "Lazy Town"] -- You're A Pirate
"We're sailing away (set sail!), Adventure awaits on every shore!, We set sail and explore (ya-har!)"

08) skipped due to instrumental
       Duran Duran -- New Moon On Monday (Album Version)
"All of which I deny."

09) skipped due to instrumental
       Erasure -- It Doesn't Have To Be
"This isn't your decision. We need to talk of changing things, But no one wants to listen."

10) first skipped because it was in Spanish, second skipped due to instrumental, third skipped due to it being in Russian
       David Bowie -- Scary Monsters
"She began to wail jealousies scream, Waiting at the light know what I mean"


And now why I chose those;

01) I was thinking of when Lestat Embraced Nicki, and realized later that it was the life in Nicolas when he was mortal that made him who he was. AND of course Lestat blamed the cruelty of life and not himself -__-;

02) I was thinking of Armand wanting Lestat to fail...

03) I was SO thinking of in "The Vampire Lestat" after Armand & Lestat meet in the church and Armand's coven swarms Magnus' castle. And then later when Lestat ruins Armand's coven and Nicki get's kidnapped.

04) I was thinking of how Lestat is all "we have freedom and are shiny awesome :D" and Armand is all "but we are the work of the devil!"

05) I kinda was thinking how Lestat keeps pushing people around. It was ether this line or "tyrannosaurusrex" or "I will inseminate you standing on my head" because I suck.

06) I almost typed "fuck you Lestat!"...but yes he thinks everyone simply wants him.

07) THIS SONG DID NOT FIT AT ALL! D: But anyway, I chose this because of how Lestat was all "I need to adventure!" and that whole "Welcome to the New World" song from the musical. I almost chose "And buried deep away!" refering to Lestat's sleep.

08) Nothing is ever Lestat's fault, it really never is D:<

09) Again when Lestat decided that Armand's coven simply had to go. Something about it clashing with the cerulian magnificent drapes. Those poor drapes ;_; they are now covered with Lestat's exploded ego...

10) I thought maybe when Lestat Embraced Gabriel. How she wanted him to make her like he was, and how she was on her death bed--so 'waiting at the light'.


Here is a .ZIP of them.
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