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Recipe for Turnabout COMPLETE~

Guuuuuummmmmmmmssshooooooooooooooooooooooeeee~!!!! You are sooooooo awesome! *flails*


Yep, and Godot is FEARLESS man :O No fear from The Tiger AT ALL!

But yeah, when Armstrong & Tigre were going to kill & torch-what I got from the punching and "get yous lighter"-Phoenix [I keep wanting to type 'Phoneix'...], and Gumshoe was all HELL NO *DEFENDS*, I was all amazed and happy.

Then-at the trial-when Gumshoe got there in the nick(lolz) of time!

I ALSO finnaly figured-out how the microphone works with the game, and have been yelling "Objection!", "Hold It!" and "Take That!", much to teasing from Wendy & June >.>

So, now playing Turnabout Beginnings.

Now I've pretty much worked-out that Godot is Diego. I actually guessed that from the first case.

But yes, I fucking love Diego Armando!~ He is smarmy,cool,fashonable,and fearless like Godot, but without the cynical comments and shit. Not bitter too. So yes I am soooooooooooooooo looking forward to playing this case, because of playing Mia & being assisted by Diego. SO MUCH WIN!
Tags: phoenix wright, video game

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