Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Well it is after 5 D: I am still awake. I have been playing T&T because there was this ghosty chick at the resterant that only Phoenix saw. I was scared I would have a bad dream from it so I decided to play a tad furthur to get it off my immediate mind. I have a thing where I need to avoid ghost-things before bed/when Im so tired. It makes me have bad dreams lol. Then I got caught-up in the case and was all "you are cool Gumshoe!" The I was so tired I kept reading "Byrde" as Bride instead of Bird, thus amusing myself. Then Godot said something that sounded really terrible and I was all "what the hell man?" O: it was something about Gumshoe driving the nails into Maggey's coffin. It seemed really harse! So now I am tryhng to sleep but Minn is being a ass so I am typing till she settles down -_-* Also my hand hurts and my arm is sore[stitches and needle].
Tags: dream, ghosts, minnow, phoenix wright

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