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I have to rewrite this journal entry it seems. damn compy!!!!!

I just got back in from mowing the lawn. Yes I enjoy useing the ride-on mower to decapitate the unruley grass.

I hope I did good on mah math test today! I actually studied for once. It had some things I forgot to study for though. I forgot about out stats unit stuff. I can't belive I forgot how to do the Elimination thingy. Well atleast I remembered the Comparison part. I need to make atleast a 68% to make me feel alright about the exam I hafta write. The test was only 10 questines, but it was on everything we had learned since the begining of the year. 'Cept the bell curve, we have a test on that tommorrow... >_< *GAH*

Oh how much I wish I could have gone to Matty's today after school. I really want to swim! I need to buy a swimsuit. I hadn't been swiming for like literly 2 years till last Friday. Thus I don't own a swimsuit, lest one that would fit me...I think I'll get a 2 piece one! No not just so the boys will have something to oogle...<-__-> I'm rather ugly, and somewhat fat. I want a 2 piece because it is comfortable, and has more flexiblity. And I finally bought goggles! >^____^< *Sarah loves goggles!*

Today was the "Oceans 11 Fish Festival 2005"! Oceans 11, bwahahaha! Actaully it's a science course at my school. I cooked scallops! XD

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