Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
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n00bish Bento for School

I just found this community through LJ-Spotlight, and went digging for pictures of some of the 'bento' I made to take to school in the past year. [please excuse the quality of some of the pictures, my old camera wasn't very good]

High School:

Lettuce & pepper salad with dressing & popped apple seeds, onigirl with sundried pepper eyes, mini spagetti [molded in a muffin tin then frozen], Arrowroot biscuits, and apple slices.

My first ever attempt at bento. Onigiri, barbequed chicken, mixed vegitables, boiled cabbaged & garlic. Blueberries & peaches for dessert.

Lettuce & pepper salad, mixed vegitables, onigiri, chicken & beef rice, Arrowroot biscuits and jello.

Mixed vegitables, ham, mini spagetti, onigiri and mushrooms.


Vegitarian spring rolls, salmon, mixed vegitables, and 2mini eclairs [that exploded when microwaved].

Mini creampuffs, mixed vegitables, vegitarian spring rolls, mini cheese & spinach quich.

This was pretty much the set-up I had when I would decide to come home for lunch while in college.

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Tags: bento, food, recipe

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