Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Ok, more on Trev-poo;

Trevor and his friend Amanda, decided to come to Nova Scotia kinda spurr of the moment. They tried my house early in the morning today, but I was not up [I was up late because of a panic attack, and was planning-on sleeping-in till noon-ish], so they asked around town if I still lived at June's. Well June met this woman who asked if Sarah was still in town, and June was like tell him to come back. So June & Wendy ran in, made me get-up and get dressed because some people were coming to visit. Now they were REALLLLLLLY excited, and I was like "who the hell could it be?" When Wendy mentioned a "good friend" I was like "It could be ether Trevor or Armie, because I think I'd have to actually be dead before Matt bothered. Armie has no reason to visit, so it must be Trev. He told me he was sending a parcel, and it should arrive 'around the 19th."

So Trevor & his awesome friend Amanda hung-out today, and a bit with Shannon Maidens. We went to the pub, and even went and sat on the old train bridge. I had fun but now I'm pretty tired with a headache.

They are staying in our trailer for awhile-either a few days to a week-before they leave for Bridgewater and then Halifax. I feel kind of bad I have nothing much to offer them, but it was a suprise and I was not prepared D:

I missed the wank. I missed him so damn much. I wish Matt wasn't such a bastard though [memories about the times we spent together as a group still upset me, and thus I can't seem to enjoy this visit as much as I would like. (Actually that was the reason for my panic attack last night...)].
Tags: bff, friends

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