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From Trevor [after several months of not hearing from him, and fearing that he just had dropped me]:

Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you, things have been bat-shit crazy here. I know I must make you feel like crap when I don't reply, but please understand that it is not to hurt you. I am still your friend, and will always be.
Are you still in bridgetown, at Junes house? Because I sent you something, I know it won't make up for all the times I've dissapointed you, but I'm hoping its a start. It should arrive on the 17th, or early 18th of september. It won't be much, but I know it will make you believe that I'm still and will always be your friend. You might have to pick it up at the post office though... o_0
Best regards,

PS> I will always be your cheeseboy X3 (Yes, you can still call me that lol)

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