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Video Game meme from projecturzu2

I've included PC games since reading alchemy_hisoka 's take ^^;

Video [and PC] Game Meme

1. What was the first video game you have ever played?

Probably "Duck Hunt" :3

2. What was your first console?
Nintendo Entertainment System

3. Have you ever visited a video game arcade?

Hellz Yeah!

4. What was your first handheld?

I got a Game Boy Colour for Christmas one year :D I got "Pokémon: Blue" & "Pokémon: Red" with it X3

5. What was the first game you've beaten/cleared completely? (Got to the last level/got 100%/beat high score, etc.)
"Pokémon: Blue" might be the first game I beat by myself, though I never did 'catch 'em all' >.>

6. Games based off of real sports: Yay or Nay?

I like "Mario Tennis"...

7. Online games: Yay or nay?

8. Do you play any Massively Multiplayer Online RPG games? (MMORPGs?)

"RuneScape" is a drug. I also play a few others occasionally. I had to start my account again for "Kingdom of Loathing" 2 years deleted D: but I doubt I'll play it much.

9. Do you play any virtual pet games? (Neopets, Teripets, Aftermathzone, etc.)
I had a "Neopets" account, but Kaskalola & En§hi3 are probably dead...I made a few of those animals that you set lose on a virtual world and see if they survive...Cleo finally died. I like Tamagotchis!

10. Puzzle games and Strategy games: Yay or Nay?

It really depends on the game. I love "Fire Emblem"~

11. Do you play any RPGs?
Yep, yep!

12. Do you play any Platformer games?

"Sonic The Hedgehog"'s Tails is mah homie :D "Earthworm Jim" and a few others too.

13. What was the first game/console/handheld of yours that stopped working?
The NES...they put it out for Clean-Up while I was a school so I wouldn't be able to protest and keep it...My Game Boy Advance is really starting to go now.


14. Do you actually care if a game has a plot or do you just play games for the gameplay?
Depends on the game.

15. Name a few video game characters that are your favorites.
Link, Sheik, Din, Ralph, Nayru, Kafei, Midna, Ashei, Tetra, Medley ("The Legend of Zelda") Jon, Felicia, Morrigan ("Darkstalkers") Solid Snake, Raiden, Eva, The Boss, Ocelot[not when he becomes Revolver Ocelot], tsuchinokos, Otacon ("Metal Gear Solid") Tails, Knuckles, Sonic ("Sonic The Hedgehog" also Princess Sally is you include the comics/cartoon) Prince Marth, Erk, Matthew, Will, Rath, pretty much any character from the first English GBA game...("Fire Emblem") Dante, Kerie, Phantom ("Devil May Cry"...if this was the anime I'd have others) Helga, Spectre, Spike, Pipotron, Team Monkey, Monki-san ("Ape Escape") Kat, Falco, Wolf, Bill ("Starfox") Uriko, Bakuryu[his original name escapes me, but the new one], Alice, Mitsuko, Shenlong, Long, Fox, Jenny ("Bloody Roar"/"Beastorizer") Jeanette, Strauss, Beckett, Lily, Wilhelm, The Golem ("Vampire: The Masquerade" games not including Bloodline player-characters) Godot, Miya, Phoenix, Ron Delite ("Phoenix Wright") Axel, Roxas, Demyx ("Kingdom Hearts") various others like Daisy, Lau Wong, Lt. Shade, Kratos, Calisto, etc.

16. Name a few series that are your favorites
"The Legend of Zelda", "Vampire: The Masquerade", "Fire Emblem", "Kingdom Hearts", "Metal Gear Solid", "Devil May Cry", "Sonic The Hedgehog", etc.

17. Has a video game ever made you cry?

18. Has a video game character annoyed you so much that you wanted him removed from the game?
I can't think of any...

19. Do you "pair" or "ship" characters up with one another? (make/create/write romance involving them)

20. Do you write video game fanfiction?
I've 'tried' but I am bad at writing and shit.

21. Do you draw video game fanart?
I do sometimes, not as much at I used to.

22. Do you come up with theories on how a character came to be/what he or she would do in a situation/why he or she is moody/etc.

23. Are you a "fanboy" or "fangirl" of any character?

Yes and no. Not 'fangirl' in the sense of how far some people go, but I fan over a few.

Boss Battles/Villains

24. Hardest Boss Battle   
Hard-Route Andross ("Starfox 64") & StarWolf!!!!!!! Phantom in DMC1 when I first started playing to game, the alien-head-thing from "Ecco The Dolphin", The End from MGS3, The Golem from Redemption is pissing me off...actually a lot of Bloodlines' fights are hard -___-;

25. Most Frustrating Boss Battle
Jezebel Locke so far in Bloodlines, the blizzard-dangler-frog-devil from DMC4, The Fear MGS3, I-can't-remember-its-name-pixelated-head-thing from "Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed", a few "Startfox" bosses...

26. Most Rewarding Boss Battle
The end boss for "Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed", Colonel Volgin on the Shagohod, I-can't-remember-his-name that I beat with a special javelin at the end of Lyndis' part of "Fire Emblem" for GBA, etc.

27. Funnest Boss Battle
Some of the TLoZ ones, Twilight Thorn in KHII is my favourite boss :D

28. Most Boring Boss Battle
I don't know any off-handedly...I guess ones in "Fire Emblem" as you have to defeat all the troops on the way.

29. Boss Battle that dragged out for a long, long time
MGS bosses take awhile...The Fear's took so long I didn't have the googles, so I tossed poison frogs at the jungle...

30. Boss Battle with the coolest music
I can just think of Twilight Thorn's "Tension Rising", and "The Time Has Come" from DMC4 fights.

31. Most Surprising Boss Battle
When Phantom attacks in the corridor in DMC1 D: When StarWolf would appear in SF64 the first time playing...

32. What's your all time favorite villain?
Maybe Liquid Snake from MGS? Ganondorf & Robotnik are pretty-much a staple...Fox Hound as whole is win :3

33. What's your all time least favorite villain?
Brother Vic is ass. Oh and Pigma T_T

34. Do you ever feel sorry for the villains?
It really depends. I do sometimes. I feel bad for 8-11 & 13 of Organization XII as they didn't ask or like being Nobodies ("Kingdom Hearts"), but the first 6 chose to be Nobodies and 7, 11 & 12 seem to like it.

35. Are there any villains that seem like they should be playing for the good guys, but aren't?

36. Most malicious villain?
Colonel Volgin.

37. Most suprising villain?
I can think of a few. All are MASSIVE ending spoilers though.


38. What is your all-time favorite 2D Game?
"The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons", or "Sonic The Hedgehog 2".

39. What's your favorite 3D game? (PS1/N64 generation)
"Starfox 64".

40. What's your favorite arcade game?
"Beastorizer" or "Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge"~ And "Metal Slug 3" was awesome :3

41. What's your favorite next-gen game? (Gamecube/PS2/X-Box)

"Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes"? I have soooo many games I like from Gamecube & PS2...

42. Sequels/long series: Yay or nay?
If they are done right then 'yay'. If the are just  to make money then 'nay'. They need to stay true to the previous games.

43. What's your favorite Online Game?

44. What's your favorite console?
Gamecube & PS2 & Sega Genesis :3

45.What's your favorite handheld?
Nintendo DS or GBA :3

46. Have you ever got yourself involved in a "console war"? (arguing that a console is better than another console)
Probably ^^;

47. Have you ever defended a character/game/console you liked in an argument? Which one?
I've defended Raiden before even if he is a pansy >.>/"RuneScape" or "Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles"/Gamecube or PS2

48. Name a game that you like but everyone else seems to hate.
"Bujingai" I guess ^^;

49. Name a character that you like but everyone else seems to hate.
Raiden D:

50. Name a game that you hate but everyone else seems to like.
"Resident Evil"? or "Final Fantasy"?

51. Name a character that you hate but everyone else seems to love.
Riku? I used to really like him(was my favourite KH character), but now I find him annoying and over-dramatic...


52. Have you ever stopped before you finished a game because it was too frustrating to go on?
"Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed", I stopped trying to beat all the stages, because Boats is tooooo hard to get 1st in! I beat the final boss, but I doubt I'll ever get 100% in the game. "Ecco The Dolphin" T___T; "Sonic Advanced" 2&3, because I forget Sonic can't fly or jump as far and I've only beaten it with Tails..."The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages" with linking it to OoS...FUCK YOU GORON DANCE!!!!!!

53. Will you stop at NOTHING to get 100% in a video game?
If I beat it I'm usually happy ^^;

54. Have you ever injured yourself at a video game? (Space Invader wrist and Mario Party 1 blister victims may answer yes)
Yes. I also tend to kick myself in the hand when playing KH >.> I jump around while playing usually....and do little dances during cutscenes in most games >.>

55. Has a horror/survival genre video game scared you to the point that you refused to finish the game? Did you get nightmares from said game?
I don't play a lot. Kun had said "Eternal Darkness; Sanity's Requiem", but I beat that game no problem o_o; I don't play a lot of that type though, I hate zombies & dismemberment...

56. Have you ever thrown a controller/disc/cartridge in a fit of frustration?

57. Do you need to blow/clean certain games to get them to play?
NES, SNES, and now my GBA -__-; Oh and Sega CD games disks need to have no smudges to play >.>;

58. Have you ever played a game for so long that you missed sleep over it?
Yes. MGS3, Twilight Princess, RS (definatly lately...), Sonic games ^^;

59. Were you ever involved in the Pokemon craze?

60. Last but not least: Do you picture yourself playing video games 10, 20, or 30 years from now?
Yes :D

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