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[icon] *snort* - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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"I'll be very good, a saint," I said. "But if I'm not will you whip me again, please?"___Armand ["The Vampire Armand" pg 98]
Bwahahaha! *falls-over laughing* Thank you for this lovely OOC canon Armadei~♥
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Time:2008-08-16 06:04 am (UTC)
And you wonder why Armand is so messed up in the later books. Not to mention Marius.

(Speaking of Marius, theatre!Marius [a.k.a., the Real Marius] just started singing. *is listening to Lestat San Francisco songs*)

Also, punishment apparently works on Armand as well as it does on Lestat. Which is to say not at all because they both enjoy it too much. Or at least OOC!Armand does. At least he said 'please'.

(Are you sure there aren't a few 'Master's in that line? Or that Anne Rice is spelling correctly? She seems to be missing an awful lot of 'q's and 'w's. And a few 'v's.)

You'll be happy to know that Marius has acquired Lestat!-It's-Not-My-Fault syndrome in Blood and Gold. And he whined about how much he hated Lestat for waiting up Akasha and how Jealous jealous he was of Lestat (Armand: *snort*), but he couldn't show his anger because he is the Calm and Collected and Wise and Paternal and Kinky one.

However, Marius also invited another vampire into a bath with him and did not have kinky sex. Thus, it is less cracked up than Vampire Armand.

Oh. And Daniel is apparently a Toreador and is living with Marius, obsessed with spending his nights building miniature towns. I kid you not. The writing is better than Vampire Armand, but I still can't quite take it seriously and Marius sounds suspiciously like Lestat as he narrates. Hmm. If it really were Lestat narrating here and in The Vampire Armand, that would make much more sense. He just wanted to piss Armand off.
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Time:2008-08-30 05:09 am (UTC)
*pish* I like kinky!Armand *snort*! (he is more fun thatn regular/canon!Armand X3)

[(Is Marius like 'Slim Shady' now?) I like play-within-a-play!Marius better...bald!MariusxSpanish!Armand = OTP?]

"Tell me how bad I am, it makes me feel so good."~ >.> But Lestat doesn't use many 'toys' with his kink ;P I'm suprised that there wasn't many 'Master's in there myself o__o; Always the polite one, that Armand.

[(Armand: Please Master, please whip me more Master, while I'm barefoot! I am a foolish saint Master! I deserve more punishment! *whine* OOOOH MASTER!) It should be; 'Aqqrmawnd' & 'WMaviquivs' T__T* 'Lestat' doesn't need 'enhancement' with silent-letters!~]

It nerver is Lestat's fault!!! It is always someone else's! Armand smells D,: Also; Armand is Jealous of Lestat aswell.

I CALL OOC MARIUS!!!! Bath always equals sex :O

What the hell Daniel?, what the hell. Are the towns dedicated to Lestat Armand? Seriously, that is Crack we failed to come-up-with...But how can Daniel be a Toreador? if Armand is his Sire, and Armand is Malkavian? Though Marius as Nicki!Lestat's Sire makes more sense due to the batshit-ness >.> Lestat says he would never do anything so mean as that, and that Armand really did have loads of kinky sex and Marius is just Jealous. (Though to be truthful that may be that case.)
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[icon] *snort* - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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