Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Of Currculation, The Subway, and The Brat Prince;

I fell asleep on the Greyhound bus and my hand also fell asleep. I had been using it to prop my head up with and when I woke-up in Boston I had no feeling in it & it wouldnt move was very odd.

Well the train leaves from Boston North Station instead of South Station. So I either could have taken a bus at 4:15pm OR go to North Station. I decided to take the subway($10 less than a taxi & I have never been on a subway before!~) & take the Amtrak at 5pm. So I asked the desk what route&such. Well I bought a CharlieTicket,but I got on the outbound Ashmont/Alewife instead of the inbound.I then missed the Downtown Crossing stop because the doors closed before I got off...So I went to Park Street&got to North that way. While in the 'underground'[a lot of it was aboveground though...&most stations were under-constuction] I bought a shot glass,3 postcards,& a pair of awesome shutter-shades. They had contact-lenses for sale,but I didnt buy a pair because it seemed kinda sketchy.They had"Lestat"colour though, and a "Louis" one :P AND those 2 colours come can be bought with "Custom RX" so maybe I will look-them-up as a company for contacts if I get my awesome-possum outfit made :3 [I AM STUCK SAYING THAT D:]



What is wrong with some of this? --->[]

Tags: trip2008

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