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I went to see "The Dark Knight" today. I found it good, but I'm not going to review it or anything...I suck at reviews...I did think that they could have done more with Harvey's descent. Also poor Scarecrow :( I bought a medium popcorn & Mountain Dew and THEY WERE HUGE =O like $10USD though...the popcorn-I found-wasn't that good, and the pop was watered-down, but t'was s'lgood.

After the movie we went to the library, and Armadei took-out "Blood and Gold". I might look-into it myself, but it would be a audiobook, since I like to 'read' while gardening&such. I read a snippet from "The Vampire Armand" and started giggling as it was like 'let us have sex on the 3rd page' >.>;

"Your hair's like something spun from amber, as if the amber would melt and could be drawn from candle flames in long airy threads and let to dry that way to make all these shining tresses"___Marius

Also my Lestat!Muse found "You're sweet, boylike and pretty as a girl." hilarious aswell...*snerks*

After we went to Chez Daisie for supper. I got this delicious crêpe called-something-like-'Péline' (it had chicken, stuffing, a cranberry mousse, and a pumpkin sauce & a slice of sweet potato) & a too-rich-and-not-that-good éclair.

After we went to Wal*Mart :3 I originally just planned-on buying Kylie Minogue's "X" album (which I didn't get in GP as the price hadn't gone-down, and then the whole 'Matt thing' made me forget about a lot of things I liked). I ended-up buying "The Batman Movie" [1960's version], "Batman & Robin" [1940's version], "Fight Club" (which I have planned to buy for years, but the price hasn't seemed to drop much at Zellers. I love that movie. I wonder if I can get Armie to watch it with me? :3), and the 1st 4 volumes of "Vampire Knight"! I love VK, and the 'good' scanlations have been taken-down due to the licensing. I plan to have a VK marathon/binge when I get back to NS :D I HEART ZERO!♥ The manga was only $8each, where it would have been like $15each if I ordered them from The Inside Story Bookstore in Greenwood when I got back...I downloaded the 1st season from Shoku-Dan too :D

Now I really should go to bed soon, as we want to go on our picnic earlier in the day to avoid rain...*flails*

I had "1040's version" typed, and that has now been edited...though I'M SURE Batman was around in the 11th century >.>;
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