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I packed tonight. My suitcases are under in size, but my clothes-one may be too heavy. I need to go through it tomorrow again. Though it seems less than when I flew and that was 47lb...I know I have more than I need for 2 weeks...if I can do laundry 3 or 4 times and rewear pants & pajamas. I am only bringing 1 pair of pj pants & 2 sleep shirts(1 that can double as a everyday). I have 4 pairs of pants(Shun's,Waya's,Kio's,&thin dressy),3 pairs of boxers(I packed 5 but I dont need that many),2 pairs of shorts(my Waya pants are zip-off),7 t-shirts(I forgot about my cosplay ones I can use, so this will go down abunch),5 dress tops(Im counting my button-up ones in this),1 skirt,8 panties,4 pairs of socks,4 bras,2 bandanas(I wear them,& will want 1 for when I play V:tM anyway),2 tank-tops,my swimsuit&goggles,2 hoodies,1belt&1 pair of suspenders,sneakers(Im wearing sandals). I can definatly get that down more. My other suitcase doesnt have much in it. I just put some books/etc, & what I have for Kun & Armie. *flails*
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