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Waaah!xI Wish I Had A Lolita Maid!Outfitx*flails*

I cant believe I leave in 2 days =O (most likely)! The time flew.Im so excited to see Kun & Armadei on Friday.I got-ahold-of Marie tonight about a drive from Weymouth to Yarmouth.She said she should be home and just to call the night before if Im still coming.I take the 10am transit from the Dev' Center in town,&arrive at the Weymouth Foodland at 11:50am :D I will need to remember to bring a lunch to eat in Yarmouth since it is 'Tourist Season' and the prices would be higher at a food-place...I need to see how many gas!points I can redeem with my Aeroplan card...and get some money exchanged to USD...I will have my MuchCard for most things,but I need some pocket-money...I NEED TO PACK AND MORE JAZZ D:

I cleaned my room some today.I decided it was too messy to leave for 2 weeks. I swept&mopped around my bed & comp'.I had a lot of cat-hair! I also found 2 earwigs which I have no idea how they got in.I didnt do under my bed as I would have had to move everything out to move my bed and the containers under it...

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