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I love my clan!~ I love them so much!♥ clan_p_n_w rocks! I had a lot of fun today! *happy!flails* I wanted to get online sooner, but Charles didnt get home till 2:50pm & then he wanted to finish a western movie before we left. I had to ask so nicely to get him to let me use his work computer D: I didnt get on till after 4pm...I was happy to get to play though! It was just me,Darkalice,Sensei,& either Mixed or Cyan(I cant remember if Cyan was on of not then) when I first got on. Then Darkalice had to leave, followed-by a break by 'whowasit', leaving just Sensei & me. He wanted to go to the Games Room, but I needed combat!action so we stayed at Clan Wars & challanged lower levels. I beat a whole clan by myself! XD a 1person clan...~ a lvl60 though ;3 he kept complaining about not hitting me for damage..the only Prayer I used was a Strengh one...he was just unlucky :-P[Sensei did attack him some with freezing, so it wasnt a solo win for me truthfully...] Then I got Traveler to come play{tbc->}
Tags: runescape

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