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902-840-3774 <---my cell-phone number once again~

I heart Kawachi...but he peed on the King of Monaco...Ive heard public urination wasnt uncommon in Japan...but unzipping in the middle of a group & not noticing when you are peeing on someone?I have no idea.Pierrot has such a good heart. He gave me the creeps though with his "suit"...He is cute without his make-up...I have said before that I have a thing for confident bishonen/bishojo characters with white-hair...Dante,Zero,Pierrot,Etoile-sama,Godot,etc...I REALLY hate Kirasaki Yuuchi from Y!J...atleast how he has become if my hunch is right like it was with Godot...I want to cosplay Azuma or Kawachi next year...I still want to cosplay Maron,`but no cigar`with that. I have 2 user pictures to upload sometime now...I need to fiddle-with my LJ user-pictures btw...

When I have money I want to get a bottle of dark!pop/cola[probably Pepsi as it burns less to chug]& a pizza from Mama Sofia's.I plan to stuff my face to take-care of this craving.

Tags: anime, contact info, food

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