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Sarah is disapointed.

I didnt get hardly anything done today. The computer I was booked on was laggy & kept freezing. I was really disapointed. I wanted to play RuneScape so bad! I know exactly where Lady Noremon is though--The Games Room ^^; Im sorry Sensei!

I didnt order anything for Leorio, but Im just going to go with the cowboy hat idea if anyone wants a HxH photoshoot...Im nervous about going now I think. Im also worried about my birth certificate. If it doesnt arrive Tuesday morning-at the very latest-I wont be going to America this Thursday...Im not going to lose $100 for not showing-up at the ferry. Im pissed at Service NS! I paid $34.85 around June 27th to recieve it within 10 business days. They told me it was done processing on July 8th...that I should have it in 3-5 business days. It is now the 19th! Fuck!

Atleast I had anime to watch and "Goldfinger" in a bit...Dante is super-awesome! I also think Pierrot may be replacing Kawachi as my fav' Y!J character...I think I heard Hisoka's actor in DMC episode05...^^;

Tags: anime, runescape, trip2008

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