Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


I didnt write my driver's test today. I called Service NS again because my birth certificate hadnt arrived this morning either *angry flails* They told me 3-5 business last Monday! So now I will have to write it Monday in Digby if someone will drive me there or take the bus if the Digby DMV is near the bus-stop. I am displeased with Vital Statistics...

In good news; I GOT MY PRINTER BACK! [and made 2 bookmarks :P] So hopefully I will have my scanner back on the weekend~ Then I can scan the birthday art for ignoreddude & ahnjehleehn! I did send Monster a picture with my cellphone of his, but I dont know if he got it or not. I havent coloured Anjeey-baby's yet, but I would rather colour it on the comp' anyway. I will just say that it does contain Mr.Coffee!Lawyer :-P I hope I can scan stuff before I leave...IF I leave now -_-; *shakes her fist at Service NS* I have a few Armand doodles for Armie too *snort*

Tags: art, trip2008

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