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What happened to 2 Thumbs-Up?

"Ebert & Roeper" now reviews with "Skip-It" or "See-It"...I give that 2 Thumbs-Down D: Anyway Im watching because they did a early review of "The Dark Knight" :-D I am getting so damn excited to see it soon!~(hopefully?) Will the next sequel feature Scarecrow?~ I also want to see "Hellboy II" but I need to see the 1st one again...Abe is still win. I think they should make a "Justice League" movie; and have The Atom in it![and Hawkgirl~...though not as a pairing -_x because to me it is still RayxJean.]. I would want to see a movie for just The Atom, but I dont think Ray Palmer lends himself to a 'blockbuster'-then again there was "Daredevil"-but maybe a cartoon? I am only familar with pretty much Silver Age The Atom btw ^^; Go science!♥ [Ray's powers come from a suit he made after research and harnesing the effects of ultraviolet-light&a lens made from a metorite...and he was researching a way to relieve world hunger! He helped solve cases for his lawyer!wife...I heart The Atom~] I need more comics...:(
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