Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Well due to not feeling too well I mostly stayed in my room today.I didnt get much done--like sorting my clothes upstairs.I did though work-out a lot on my Ventrue character.You may remember awhile ago while irritated I created Madison Delasky.On every occasion I have descibed her as "a very nasty woman".I worked more on 'fleshing' the character as I am now more confident in my ability to portray her--though I think Toreador are where my demeanor is most consistant.Excuse spelling as I am rather dozy.Madison[prefered as a first-name basis is good for a cover of familiarity&trust]suprised me.She detered from my original concept and somehow turned-out to be a Elder o_O; I had a different back-story too but she trounced that too--but she did show mercy by allowing me to still use part of it.She is 8th Generation(though I suspect she may have originally been 9th...),has high Status & could scare the leaves off a plant.She is the type that makes you distressed with a sneer,but terrified with smirk.Very odd of me..
Tags: v:tm, ventrue

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