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Weird Dream/"Holy Oneirology Batman!"

I cant remember why but for some reason instead of James Bond, Batman(Adam West,with eyebrows on the cowl)was hired to find this secret "FFVI" weapon. That turned-out to be this woman(looked like Goodnight from "The Man With The Golden Gun") in a combo of Raidan's suits from MGS2&MGS4 with this circular-thing on her head.I cant remember what happened but after something involving bobsleigh-run they were trying to capture her in this compound, but whoever was supposed to push the button got into this long-winded speech and didnt push in until the woman had walked-out the entrance.She took-off & after being stealthy,Batman changed into this purple suit and followed her.He sent Robin to go get something from Alfred.He was almost tricked by this Joker lookalike but flew-away[yes Robin could fly-abet badly-by flapping his arms&legs...].Wayne Manor is Fred Penner's treehouse in the woods.Also the maids are naked!anime!girls...they give Robin the thing he was sent for-a spike collar&leash-& he asked Alfred
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