Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

I just realized I dont have a Dante!user-picture, so I will use Zero instead who is like less badass

I went to Matthew Doucet's house today. I heart "Devil May Cry 4"!~ Nero is alright but he lost a lot of his Dante!points when he made fun of Agnus' stutter. Dante would be a asswipe like that you douche! I made fun of his ridiculas halo & how he fought me from behind the glass; not brave enough to fight me himself...It shows how Nero is a boy. I LOVE Dante~ I would say something to show how cool Dante is but it is a spoiler for the 2nd part of the game (like 2nd after the tutorial). The whole area of the church&labratory&mansion is similar to the first part of DMC1, that I want to say it is the same area...How many times has Dante been impaled on a sword? Nero's arm has so much in it! How does it all fit? Lesbian!blizzard!devils GO! Nero's love interest is named Kyrie & I thought of Armie's Nosferatu ^^ Can that Kyrie sing?

I wish I had a friend to play video games with within biking distance...I hadnt played a non DS or PC game since January and eventhough I felt it in my arms I had a lot of fun!~

Tags: video games

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