Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

A crap load of quizes

How much of a Furry are you?
Favourite Color
You think Furs are Scary
Because one once Beat you
Your fav animal is Cat
but you are a Cat
You think you make a Silly Fur
You also just realized that this kwiz is Dumb
This QuickKwiz by Benco97 - Taken 44 Times.
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Your Boss Battle
LJ Username
Your Armor
Are You Ready? ( Not that it matters =D )
This is who you fight~! *GASP*
Will You Do Well? (8) - Most likely. - (8)
Your EXP for winning 4639
Amount of gold you recieve $8,174.96
Your fight is ranked at this level - 36%
This person cheered on both of you
This cool quiz by Knight Of Death - Taken 228 Times.
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Insanity Test
Your problem is Multiple Personalities
Will you ever be cured? (8) - My sources say no. - (8)
Just how crazy are you? - 82%
This quiz by insanitydefense - Taken 163178 Times.
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What is your furry level?
Name / Username
Your furry level is: High
This Quiz by wolfie622 - Taken 11 Times.
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